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graphic design





NeoThrones is a platform that showcases new, accessible, and affordable furniture. In particular, chairs. The chairs’ designs are based on several of the opulent thrones of Ancient Egypt. This was done to remind the modern Egyptian person of this value and worth. To have one’s ancestor’s throne as seating in one’s own home allows them become the king or queen of their home. The furniture of focus (chairs) are based on Egyptian materials, styles, and techniques that would fit more modern criteria such as affordability, functionality, and durability.

The platform is also a comment on the wealth gap in Egypt as chairs can be utilized to emphasize the large distinction between those of high status compared to those who lack it. 

The wealth gap in Moder Egypt is somewhat still similar to the wealth gap in Ancient Egypt. There may have been a little improvement, but nothing too substantial for thousands of years worth of development.

Finally, this project culminates into an easy-to-use website that allows the users to customize their chosen chair to their own preferences. The website also includes a timeline of the history of chairs in Egypt. When the end user orders a chair, it arrives with a card explaining what the chair was based on and what its history was, and an illustrated building guide brochure.

Find the research book here.


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